For this client, As a UX/UI designer, I help build a product that is easy to use and intuitive. Using Figma, Adobe Creative Suit, and InVision, I created a website from user experience to the user interface and animated the hero illustrations. Then, I created prototypes and took charge of thoroughly delivering the final design to the developers for the website launch.

When they first approached the agency, their site looked bit outdated and disorganized. You'll notice a lack of content breaks on each element, making it hard to digest to see where specific content ends or what's included within. There are also inconsistencies in the illustration style.

Simplify the design with lesser elements but make it more elevated than typical. With the collective effort from both the client and the creative team, we constructed a consistent element hierarchy, defined individual sections, streamlined the color palette, generated consistent illustrations, simplified UI/UX elements, animated hero illustrations, and used a consistent photography style.
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