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Greater San Francisco Ad Club - Bronze
Conformity takes away the ability to stand out
People who value unique style
Through inspirations from historic personalities

Stand out, defy the current norm.
First Version
Famous personalities are to fire up the concept to start. Knowledge played a major key factor in selecting an icon. Icons then are accompanied by a line to describe how their bright minds differ from the usual smart person. They stood out for a reason, a unique reason.

The feedback given was to explore new copies and use different adjectives that could incorporate a sudden "whoa" factor from the reader. Also, play around with the art direction and incorporate graphics that would stick with the
brand in a unique way.
Second Version
The art direction was given a slight nod but still explore new ways to better enhance the ads. Again, explore new lines coherent to the first ones, but better and more sophisticated. Also, explore more personality options that would have a better representation of Michael Kors.​​​​​​​
Final Version
The campaign revolves around famous personalities that made their mark amongst their generation. To show class and style, Michael Kors are shown side by side to portray their similarities and defiance against common norm.
Outdoor Guerilla Posters
Incorporating the urban feel into the campaign, the posters are placed on brick walls, unmounted but stuck by adhesive compound. Portraying how the brand are not following the current traditional advertising norm in specific
billboards and transit ads.
Museum Exhibit
In honoring what these personalities contributed to their generation, their life's work are to be showcased on select art museums to highlight how they stood out and become known legends.
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