​​​​​​​2x Greater San Francisco Ad Club - Bronze
Art Director
Worked With:
Copywriter, Creative Director
An advertising campaign project for Lime, a start-up company that provides electric bikes for commuters around the city, available for everyone to rent and use through the app. The campaign includes billboard ads, digital banners, billboard mockups, interactive street billboards, and ambient ad installations.
The primary audience for the advertising campaign is professional workers who commute to the city.
The Lime advertising campaign utilizes a blunt and clever tone to directly compare regular commuting with the time saved by using Lime bikes. The goal of the campaign is to promote the convenience and benefits of using Lime bikes and increase consumer usage. To achieve this, the campaign includes various ad formats, such as billboards and digital banners, which are designed to appeal to professional commuters. To maintain a professional tone throughout the campaign, first-person words are avoided.
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