*Not the final design
Art Director, Visual Designer
Worked With:
Copywriter, Creative Director
The project is a branding campaign for APX.AI, a program aimed at helping patients undergo surgery to cure chronic pain. The campaign involves a rebranding effort that includes a redesigned logo, new key art, a refined color palette, and printed mock-ups such as brochures, t-shirts, cups, and other branding materials. Additionally, a redesigned homepage website was also mocked up as part of the campaign.
The primary audience for the branding campaign is doctors and physicians, with the secondary audience being patients who may benefit from the APX.AI program.
The campaign utilizes a range of branding and design strategies to effectively communicate the benefits of the APX.AI program to its target audience. The project involved research and the creation of a mood board to establish a clear visual direction for the brand. The tone of the campaign is professional and empathetic, with a focus on the potential benefits the program can provide for patients suffering from chronic pain.
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